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Mr. Tejendrasinh K.Jhala (B.A., LL. B., CIC) and Ms. Jenice Tejendrasinh Jhala (B.SC., LL. B.) are the Chair person of J. T. Jhala & Co. and handles matters in diverse areas involving patents, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, Cyber Law. J .T. Jhala & Co. is dedicated to protect the ideas and innovations which distinguish you and put you a step ahead than others. J .T. Jhala & Co. provides their professional services to private and public businesses for their Intellectual Property Matters.

Our practice includes all aspects of patent, trademark, copyright, design, Cyber Law including counseling, prosecution, licensing, and litigation. We work to identify what intellectual property our clients may own and help ensure that it is fully protected under law of intellectual property in India. We also help our clients to maximize the return on their creative efforts and avoid unexpected expenses. We counsel individuals and businesses, handling intellectual property matters in India and internationally. We also solicit IPR related Legal Outsourcing between one time and ongoing services. The firm helps investors eliminate or ameliorate intellectual property risks, value their investments properly and identify opportunities to strengthen the intellectual property assets underlying the investment. The firm provides accurate and thorough freedom-to-operate assessments; evaluations of the strength of an investment's proprietary technology position; and targeted advice to address key business risks and opportunities in an investment's licensing and partnering portfolio, including possible litigation outcomes.

We have clients doing business in a variety of domestic and international markets and they operate in major industry sectors, including software, hardware, Pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail, media and e-commerce. Our clientage is from small firms and private individuals to multinational Companies, and the skills offered by our team of qualified Attorneys are equally broad; filing and prosecution of patent, trade mark, design and copyright applications on a worldwide basis; providing advice on all aspects of handling patent, design, trade mark and copyright litigation.

The aim of the, J .T. Jhala & Co. is to consistently work at a level of high performance and best satisfaction to our clients and associates. To enable best solutions and dedicated opinion to companies, organizations both in private and public sector engaged in Industry, international agencies, non-government organizations, and individuals who need eminence services. We perpetually guide our staff and professionals, to meet the high expectations of our clients.

Trade and Law, invariably, go hand-in-hand and this is our forte. We assist our clients in concretizing their concepts.